My Christmas Gift

Christmas is always a tough time trying to find just the right gift for everyone. Thinking of everyone’s personality as well as my own is sometimes a tough blend. Like Christina Rossetti, I felt lost as to what to give everyone. And then, like Rossetti, I chose to give everyone “My Heart.”

Art is the one thing I enjoy. I put so much of myself into my art that I am literally my art and my art is literally me. I also love coffee and tea and as such I have a nice collection of mugs. My whole family loves coffee and tea as well so I decided to combine the two.Christmas Mug 2015

I selected an art piece and added a “By Zorina Eckman” line before sending it off digitally to make mugs. The result can be seen here on the right.

I was nervous but everyone really seemed to like their new mugs. I had done wearable art before (a pair of sneakers) but this is the first mug and it was the first I actually used as a gift.

(c) 2015, Zorina Eckman


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