Upcoming Exhibit

What are your plans Friday, 5 February? Come out to Lancaster’s First Friday, specifically come out to Annex 24 Gallery at 24 W Walnut Street. I will have two pieces on exhibit!

PatienceAnnex 24 is holding its 3rd Annual Artist Closet Auction. It is a silent auction that coincides with First Friday. It runs 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. You can bid in person, via Twitter or even on Facebook! The Artist Closet is a great opportunity to acquire paintings, drawings, jewelry or sculptures for a reasonable price. Bids start as low as $10.

My first piece is called Patience. It is a mandala that I did while recovering from a concussion. I found the geometric design of a mandala to be very relaxing.

SkullsThe second is called Skulls. It shows a skull from both a frontal image and from the left side. It is a graphite drawing.

Both pieces are mounted and are framed.

They will be on exhibit, with the rest of the Artist Closet, in the Wowzer Room! The Annex 24 Gallery is located at 24 West Walnut Street, between North Queen and North Market Streets.

You can follow me here on WordPress or on Twitter (@zorina_eckman) for updates on my artwork.

(c) 2016, Zorina Eckman


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