Look forward to a long weekend

I need this long weekend coming up! Friday I had a job shadowing opportunity and Saturday I attended a portfolio workshop at PCA&D (Pennsylvania College of Art & Design).

For the job shadow, I spent the day with two of middle school art teachers. It was done through our Women in Business program that I am part of this year. The day itself was nice and I got a new appreciation for them.

The portfolio workshop class Saturday was not what I was expecting. It was useful and I am grateful for having the opportunity to attend. However, the instructor did not go over how to put your portfolio together (as I had expected given the course description) . Instead it was more of a critique of our work by the instructor and other students.

This long weekend can not come soon enough!

(c) Zorina Eckman, 2016


PCA&D visit was wonderful

Thank you everyone for the support! The PCAD visit was wonderful. My portfolio reviewer was a lovely gentleman who gave me some awesome insight as to how to make my portfolio bigger and better! He said I had wonderful pieces and have an eye for detail and design! However, we both agreed I needed more color in the portfolio. Time flew by during the review however it really took a little over half and hour.

portfolio prep 20160115

I also put in an application for Fall of 2018! đŸ˜„ Overall the visit was exciting and a tad nerve racking but I walked out with a great memory and spectacular advice.

(c) 2016, Zorina Eckman

Portfolio Prep Time

I am nervous and excited about tomorrow’s Open House at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design! I plan to get there early to schedule a portfolio review. It will be my first and I want to include everything! How can I possibly choose just a handful?

There are drawings that started as bored doodles that turned out to be something. There are school projects (like the one shown here) that are not really my favorite but they show different skills. There are of course my mandalas!

201415 project

Back to packing! Oh – you can also follow me on Twitter too. I am @zorina.eckman.

(c) 2016, Zorina Eckman